root canal treatment by an expert

“Why do I have to be treated by an expert when I can have root canal treatment at the usual clinic?” – This is one of the most common questions at our clinic.

And the answer is simple: the reason is, that each tooth has its own uniqueness. Anatomy varies from tooth to tooth. That is what we sometimes discover during therapy.

Often, the tooth can not be saved without the involvement of a root canal specialist. In other cases, that involves renewing root canal treatments – a treatment that requires more professional and experienced approach and advanced technology.

There are much more chances of success when you come to a specialized clinic.

Your dentist, as well as myself – a root canal specialist, wants to give you the best chances of success. In many cases, the dentist knows that the success rate of root canal treatment by a specialist is higher and therefore takes care to refer you to an expert like myself.

A root canal specialist creates a long-term outcome – the chance of needing to repeat a treatment is 20-30% lower when you turn to an expert. As a result, there is no need to repeat the same treatment several times and repeatedly going through the same process.

The usual dentist performs about one root canal treatment per week, while I perform 30-40 root treatments as a root canal specialist during one week. The accumulated experience is enormous.

Besides, a root canal specialist can save your tooth, while a usual dentist can conclude that you need a tooth extraction – and there are tens of thousands of cases that can prove this.

For me, cooperation with the treating dentist is crucial. The doctor knows that when he sends a patient to me for a root canal treatment, in 100% of the cases, the patient returns to him. I personally take care that every patient returns to the same doctor – out of a personal commitment, that will be a continuation of therapy and a personal commitment to the treating dentist.

Many years of experience and advanced methods

I’ll tell you a bit about the process of my becoming an expert so you can better understand the difference between your doctor’s dental care and the root canal treatment by a specialist.

Only a few individuals from all over the country are accepted every few years, to specialize in root canal treatments, which are endodontics. When I was a student, only five people at Tel Aviv University were accepted to study at Hadassah in Jerusalem and that happens once every two years.

Today two additional places have been added: at Tel Hashomer and at Rambam in Haifa, but there are still a few experts. There are only 150 specialists in root canal treatment in Israel, and that is a very small number.

The specialization in root canal treatments includes three and a half years of continuous practice and studies at the highest level. During the course of our studies, we went to study abroad, met the most difficult cases of root canal treatments, learned from the best lecturers in Israel and abroad.

Even today, as a root canal specialist, I continue to travel to conferences and seminars to keep up to date with what is happening and developing in the field, to learn new methods, to learn about advanced technologies that will help us in treatments and to know more cases that can enrich my activities as an expert.

Following my experience, I work in cooperation with experts in other fields. During the course of my work, I consult, examine and cooperate with experts from other medical fields – and thus offer those who come to our clinic very comprehensive treatment.

Advanced equipment and sterilization – at the highest level

As an expert of root canal treatments, I make sure to purchase the most advanced tools in the field of endodontics. A usual dentist is not updated with the equipment specifically associated with the root canal treatments, while an expert clinic like ours is updated with every new system that comes out. For example, the microscope I use in the clinic is an expensive and advanced microscope that you will not find in an ordinary clinic.

Every conference, every technology, every method that comes out – I make sure to study it every time. We have to be constantly updated. In addition, the equipment is maintained in the clinic at the highest level of sterilization, by the highest standards in the world. This is to ensure that the patient will enjoy the risk-free treatment and will not be exposed to problems down the road.

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