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At the root canal center, we offer all types of endodontics and cooperate with clinics and dentists all over the country to provide you with the highest level specialist treatments.
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Root canal treatments:

All root canal treatments are performed at the clinic. The treatments are fulfilled after preliminary tests and a personal treatment plan for each patient. Root canal treatments are performed using innovative equipment and advanced methods.

root canal treatment kfar saba

Treatment of roots absorption:

When the teeth are injured due to trauma or other orthodontic or medical process, they are subjected to a process called root absorption. This problem also arises when the infection occurs in the root canal or the gingival tissue. In the center of a root canal treatment, we identify the source of the problem and eliminate it by applying individual treatment methods.

root canal treatment kfar saba

Root canal treatment for children using laughter gas:

Treatment in a dental clinic is not an adventure for children if you do not turn it into one. Along with personal, sensual and age-appropriate accompaniment, we also use laughter gas in the treatment of root canals for children, that helps children to undergo the treatment with confidence and relaxation.

root canal treatment kfar saba

Root canal renewal:

When root canal inflammation is detected after a previous root canal treatment, the clinic staff goes into action and helps to rescue the tooth by renewing the previous treatment. This treatment is performed by removing the sealant, cleaning the infection and removing it and sealing the tooth.

root canal treatment kfar saba


Root canal treatments can cause blackening of the tooth. After taking care of the teeth and restoring their roots, we take care to whiten the tooth and create a natural and pleasing look so that you can bring the smile back.

root canal treatment kfar saba

Apicoectomy - a surgical way of root canal treatment

Apicoectomy is a surgical way of the root canal treatments, that is performed in situations, where the inflammation can not be removed with regular treatment. Between the classical method and the innovative methods of treating apicoectomy, we at the clinic, provide treatment bespoke to each patient as needed and according to the method that will give the best results.

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