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Advanced medical equipment

In order to provide our patients comfortable and safe care, we invest quite a lot in acquiring innovative medical equipment, which allows us to diagnose and treat teeth. The employees of the clinic are authorized to use the newest equipment and this certification guarantees responsible, caring, safe and effective treatment.
Here is the equipment that we use for various methods of root canal treatment:
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A medical microscope

A medical microscope is an important tool that allows handling a variety of subjects. The use of the microscope changed the working conditions in the field of endodontics (root canal treatments). It allows us to increase the work area by 24 times and identify more root channels.
Using a microscope, we can distinguish between different materials in the channel and decide which treatment is needed. Diagnosis and treatment with a microscope increased the speed of apical surgery.

Digital x-ray

The digital x-ray comes directly into our computer and allows us to create a faster and more accurate diagnosis. With the digital sensor, you can enlarge the photo, highlight different details and stay safe from the X-ray radiation up to 90% of normal photography. The use of X-ray is environmentally friendly because it economizes on development and film. The software that accompanies the X-ray and analyses it, creates an accurate diagnosis in detail and helps us to offer the best treatment plan.

Hot compression

Many instruments have been introduced In recent years, that help simplifies and optimize the filling and compressing process of the gutta-percha, a material for filling the tooth channels after cleaning. The hot pressing devices heat the material, and with the compaction of the compound, you can fill the root channels, including problematic areas. At the root canal treatment center, we make regular use of a hot compress device to facilitate our patients and offer a faster and more efficient treatment.

Electronic length meter

Length meter gauges the tooth channels in the most precise way, in order to accurately establish the working method and treatment process. Through this focused and accurate diagnosis, we can offer more effective treatment.

Disinfection and sterilization system

In order to ensure complete healing and safe and efficient treatment, we must ensure that the equipment in the clinic is free from bacteria and hygienic and sterile. Before each treatment, the instruments at the root canal treatment center, administered by Dr. Bar-Saf, undergo complete sterilization, which ensures safe and successful treatments.
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