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Why go to the specialist rather than to the regular dentist? Why should you save your tooth before its extraction?
We have gathered all the questions we hear over and over from our patients.

This is a question that is often repeated among our new patients. Although you may have had root canal treatment in the past by your regular dentist, not every tooth is the same. Each tooth has its own nature. The dentist may have diagnosed that the tooth can not be saved without treatment by an endodontist.

Often, dentists direct patients to our clinic to renew the root canal treatment. Renewal of root therapy is a treatment that requires skill and appropriate technological means. The dentist is ultimately interested in the best recovery chances for you and is aware that expert treatment will yield the best results.

We take good care with full devotion of patients just as your regular dental clinic you usually visit. The entire treatment process will be explained step-by-step and after treatment, we will provide the answers to each and every question.

This is one of the major dilemmas in root canal treatment and tooth rescue. In our clinic, the starting point is that it is important to consult and check thoroughly before pulling out the natural tooth. A natural tooth is better than an implant or denture, and if you have extracted a tooth that could be saved, there is no turning back.

Saving your natural tooth is always our first choice because there is nothing – not even the best implant or bridge – that can really replace your natural tooth. Dental implant process is long and expensive, so it is advisable to check and consult before removing and replacing the tooth with the implant.

If your dentist recommends tooth extraction, you should ask him whether you can save the tooth with help of endodontic procedure (root canal treatment). As part of the treatment, we remove the damaged part of the tooth, the soft inner tissue, and fill the empty space. The tooth recovers and can function like any other tooth, usually for the rest of your life. The restoration of the tooth ensures comfortable chewing and more natural appearance.

As root canal specialists, we often manage to save severely damaged teeth and restore them. Only when we are certain that the tooth can not be saved – alternatives should be considered, such as implants or a bridge, depending on the condition of the teeth and the structure of the bone.

The specialists in our clinic are committed to reducing the pain level as much as possible. We use local anesthesia and other aids to alleviate the pain.

Apart from the examination, a treatment requires between one or two sessions and a follow-up examination six months after the treatment.

Sometimes the root canals are hard to clean, so there are bacteria that can develop into a new infection that requires repeated cleaning.

The expense coverage level depends on your agreement with the insurance companies. In general, insurance companies give more when the treatment is done by an expert. We do not have agreements with the insurance companies, but the clinic’s secretariat will be happy to help fill out the forms and submit the claim.

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