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Perfect treatment starts from a root

root canal treatment kfar saba

Our first choice as a clinic specializing in root canal treatments is to save your natural tooth. An implant, bridge or any other excellent mean can not replace the feeling of your natural tooth.

root canal treatment kfar saba

Often, even before the tooth extraction, it can be saved by an endodontic procedure - the root canal treatment. The purpose of the root treatment is to remove the damaged part of the tooth - the soft inner tissue - and fill the space. Thus, the tooth is healed and can function for the rest of your life. This creates a pleasant feeling of comfortable chewing and natural appearance.

root canal treatment kfar saba

Only when the tooth can not be saved, you should consider replacements such as implants or a bridge in the teeth, depending on nature of the teeth and structure of the jawbone.

root canal treatment kfar saba

In our clinic, each tooth receives its respect. We examine, diagnose and treat roots of teeth in order to save and restore the mouth until you have got a perfect smile.

Advanced medical equipment

There are two things behind each smiling patient: dedicated, professional, high-quality medical care and innovative equipment that accompanies us step by step.

The treatment process

The treatment plan is determined by each patient's personal diagnosis. We begin by checking the teeth condition, go through the treatment plan and complete the comprehensive root treatment.


Here is a list of treatments that we provide: Root canal treatments, Renewal of old treatments, Apicoectomy, root canal treatment for children, whitening, absorption therapy.
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