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The root canal center works in close collaboration with dentists all over the country. The patients directed to us by these dentists receive the best treatment - both in the general clinic and in our center.
We are more than happy to develop and promote collaborations with other dentists and offer their patients root canal treatments, which are followed by extensive experience, uncompromising professionalism, and great responsibility.
root canal treatment
“I have one address for root canal treatment in the Sharon area, Dr. Bara Sef! All patients delighted. Professionalism, personal attitude and general atmosphere. "
Dr. Yaron Balasbalag
Oral Rehabilitation Specialist, Tel Aviv, Israel
root canal treatment
I met Dr. Luba Bar-Sef about 15 years ago. Since then, we have had very fruitful cooperation. She is not only an excellent doctor who manages to deal with cases that seem hopeless, she is also pleasant and smiling. Patients are fascinated by it. She is also available for questions and advice, ready to share her knowledge with other doctors - this is not often the case.
Dr. Ilanit Lupu
General Dentist Kfar Saba
root canal treatment
Have been referring my patients to Dr. Luba Bar- Sef for several years. Dr. Bar Sef is truly a top notch professional, her diagnosis is always conservative with the patients best interest. She is willing to make extra efforts to save a tooth. Her patient management is superb and very calming . I enjoy consulting with her and trust her judgment and opinions often on difficult and unusual cases. It is a true pleasure and gift to have a specialist like Dr. Bar Sef to work with closely.
Dr. Dena Naeh
root canal treatment
Dr. Bara Sef is an excellent professional, and at the same time a sensitive person is a combination, this makes her one of the best in her field. When I refer patients for root canal treatment, I am confident that they will receive the best possible treatment, with excellent results.
Dr. Sefi Porat
Kfar Saba
root canal treatment
Dr. Bar Sef is a professional, careful doctor who provides high-quality treatment. I highly recommend her clinic.
Doctor Gabby Weissman
Kfar Saba
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