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On February 2, a leadership conference for women was held at Beit Reizl in Kfar Sava. About 100 women came from all over the country, to hear, to be impressed and to question leadership questions: how to instill values ​​for the next generation, how to improve

The quality of life of the individual and the community, and by extension, how to advance goals that are important for the common good.

The conference was organized by Dr. Bar-Sef Luba, an expert in root canal dentistry, and Samantha Amit, executive trainer. During the conference, the following lectures were delivered: Lecture of Kupershmidt Law – University lecturer on the status of women in Judaism; A lecture by Hadas Wilf – personal and business coach and facilitator of the Women’s Business Club of the Kfar Saba Women’s Council; Lecture by Hila Elhayani – Director of the Affinity Program in Gan Yavne – Jewish Israeli Community Identity and a lecture by Dana Sender Mula – Director of the Israeli Representation of JWRP – an international organization that strengthens Jewish communities around the world and strengthens their connection to the State of Israel, the Jewish people and Jewish identity – The Agency for Family and Community Change.

Mothers with Essence is a non-profit organization that was created following the participation of JWRP. The journey is a project similar to that of Jewish mothers from all over the world who come to Israel, travel, listen to lectures, learn , And they spend their time accompanying Israeli women, who work together to preserve the experiences and continue the process of learning and connecting to the Jewish identity, including joint projects for the community. For example, one of the projects was held last Purim, Thousands of Mishloach Manot in the whole country, to please El Who are referred to as “transparent people” who do not receive our attention – guards, security guards, shelters, street cleaners, etc. Another project is the World Shabbat Project, which includes Kabbalat Shabbat, Parashat Challah, and Havdalah ceremonies. , Boarding schools, synagogues, private homes and even streets.

The article published in the newspaper “Voice of the Village”:

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