Dr. Aeillet Gottlieb

Dr. Ayelet Gottlieb, Specialist in Endodontics (Root Canal treatment)

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Graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry, Hadassah, Jerusalem since 1998. Graduate of the Endodontics specialty program at the School of Dentistry at Tel Aviv University since 2010.

Has a conservative approach to dental care: To make every effort to maintain the existing teeth and avoid unnecessary extractions.
Treats with innovative and modern methods, including the use of a Dental Operating Microscope, in full cooperation and communication with the Prosthetic clinic for the purpose of promoting treatment and achieving optimal results.
Believes that patients are full partners in making therapeutic decisions and therefore engages them in the process, with full transparency about the chances of healing and the future of the tooth.
Very patient and cares for each and every patient and believes that root canal therapy can definitely be a positive experience!

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